Hygienic Design (HD) Enclosures:
• 30% roof angle allows for liquids to run off easily
• Fully welded construction of 304 stainless steel
• One-piece, replaceable blue silicone gasket provides a secure seal while distinctive color makes particles easy to spot and remove
• UL Type 4X with an FDA Approved gasket material
• Ideal for food/beverage, pharmaceutical, or any environment with sanitation concerns, and high pressure washes
Carbon Steel:
• Multi-fold single body construction provides superior strength and stability with fewer welds.
• Optimum surface finish with electrophoresis dip-coat primer and powder-coat paint
• Flange collar opening and seamless foamed-in-place gasket create a tight continuous seal
• UL Type 12 / 3R / 4 rated
• Includes depth adjustable galvanized mounting panel
• Ideal for indoor/outdoor use
Stainless Steel:
• Fully welded construction of 304 or 316L stainless steel
• UL Type 4X rated
• Rear blind nut design maintains 4X integrity
• Ideal for indoor/outdoor use in harsh, corrosive environments